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About brain Boosters

In today’s competitive times, academic success has a lot to do with the future of students.

Fast learning students get a head start and stay ahead of their peers. There’s more to learning than just gaining knowledge. Using the right techniques and practices, we can inculcate a genuine love for learning in children which can become an asset for them in their life. At Brain Boosters, we take the smart approach to learning. While we cover the common subjects such as Math, English, General Ability, etc., our approach to learning is a perfect blend of time-tested practices and modern techniques. We use Abacus, Mental Maths and also focus on handwriting to develop their motor skills and reading fluency too.

The result – faster, deeper learning which becomes part of their approach to education in later years as well. Brain Boosters provides high quality coaching for children from 4-15 years. Starting with Ready For School Program for pre-schoolers, we go all the way to Year 6 including preparation for NAPLAN, OC and Selective Tests.

Our courses and programs focus on preparing the children for the future in a friendly, happy, healthy, loving and secure environment. Our experienced teachers will create an effective base that will help them to perform better in their current studies as well as building a strong foundation for the future higher education. With small class sizes, we provide personalized care so that all students learn at their pace. Our convenient Baulkham Hills location and affordable fees make it even easier for you to choose Brain Boosters and give you child a head start.

Give your child the Brain Boosters advantage.

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Brain Boosters offers skilled, perosnalised and expert coaching from pre-school to Year 7 students. Classes held in a homely environment in Baulkham Hills.

Preparing for OC, NAPLAN or Selective?

Give your child the Brain Boosters advantage.


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